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Adapt Your Design to Ultra Resolutions

Responsive design is the key to making your site reach a better audience in the world of modern internet. It is a fact that more than 60 percent…


Web Design Trends for the Upcoming 2017 Season

The web industry and especially the web design industry in extremely dynamic. Over the past years, it has become an organic entity, evolving at a very fast pace….


The New iPhone SE

Apple Company released the new iPhone SE on 21 March 2016 and all the world was waiting to see the new design. The new features and of course…


Autocomplete a form field by clicking a link

Let’s say you have a product presentation website and for each product you need  have an “Enquiry” button who redirects the user to a form which will be…

Compress images for web

How to compress images for web

You have a great website, awesome images on high quality, but it loads very slow… The high-quality images on web which are not optimized, can cause a lot…

wordpress plugin free

Best free WordPress plugin for contact forms

WordPress plugin… Which is the best free plugin to create custom WordPress forms? In my opinion, the best plugin to create a custom WordPress form is “Contact Form 7“. The…

Wordpress child theme

How to create a WordPress child theme

After installing WordPress, you have to find a suitable theme to work with. So, after you found it, you install it and than it is recommended to create…