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User interface design for an e-commerce website

User interface and user experience for an online shop from US.

Illustration collection

Illustrations made using an iPad Pro with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator.

Social media posts

Photo manipulation and graphic design for social media posts at Golden Lobster Agency.

Poster design

Both the photo and the poster were made by me to promote the Golden Lobster Agency.

Coffee package design

Illustration and package design for coffee pack.

Artikof Logo Design

A logo I designed for a company who sells nordic coffee blends: Artikof.

Digital Influencer Logo

A logo design for a digital influencer who’s helping people use technology and social media the right way.

The mood booster app

Started working a few months ago on this app that is using the Spotify API to make the best music recommendations depending on your mood.

Real estate website

This website was designed and built using WordPress for a real estate company from France.


Logo concept for a company that offers cashless payment methods.