You get “Top Rated” status/badge by building an impressive reputation on Upwork.
How to do that? Well, let’s find out together.
Since I am already a top rated freelancer for over 1 year now, I think I’ve learned something I could share about that.

1. As a freelancer, first of all you have to get Job Success Score of 90% or higher.
You do that by delivering quality work for the clients and keep good communication with them.
Complete projects on time, be ready to give an extra help, if you’re asked (even if you are not paid extra). Almost every client will remember about that and will surely come back to you if he needs any work to do, and also when they will write a feedback for you.

2. First hire on the platform must be older that 90 days.
This means you have to constantly find projects and complete them with success score 90% or higher. First you will get the “Rising Talent” badge, and after 90 days , you will get the “Top Rated” badge.

3. Complete your profile 100%
You should add information on every field you can complete into your profile section. Also add the best items to your portfolio and work experience.
In your Bio you should add every detail you think is relevant for your future clients.

4. You should have 12-month earnings of at least $1,000
There isn’t much to say here. When you get started on upwork you have to do your best to keep finishing projects and finding new ones and have continuity.  You will only get the “Top Rated” badge when you complete 12 months of work and your earnings sum up at least $1,000.

5. Be responsive
What I mean by that, is that you should try responding asap to each client, or job invitation you get. The clients will appreciate that and also the Upwork algorithm will take that into account.