The web industry and especially the web design industry in extremely dynamic. Over the past years, it has become an organic entity, evolving at a very fast pace. New trends and new features are being pushed onto the market by the emerging technologies. But let’s not forget that design is as much about technology, as it is about creativity.

Without doubt, year 2017 will continue to be characterized by responsive design in terms of technology. Responsive design is not only visually appealing to users, but also less time consuming for developers. Having a single design to be rendered perfectly on desktop, as well as on mobile devices like phones and tablets is without doubt the way to go.

The semi-flat design is also something predicted to dominate the market in 2017. It integrates depth and dimension by using shadows, card style items and subtle transitions to provide a unique and intuitive user experience.

Cinegraphs represent another cool trend this year and will continue to grow in 2017. These are powerful and expressive visuals that will be integrated in more and more sites in the future. Apart from the fact that they are expressive, they also consume much less bandwidth than traditional videos.

This all sounds fun and stylish, but in the end it is the skill and mind of the designer that makes this all things come to life and blend together into a perfect structure of web design.